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Our website is designed to set out an overview of the ‘Rules and regulations’ for asbestos surveying and asbestos removal ~ and how we respond to these

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Color Coded Floor Plans
All our survey reports include floor plans marked up to show where the various samples are located – in red when asbestos is found to be present and in green if no asbestos was detected (unless the survey finds no suspect materials, in which case, the floor plan is omitted ~ reducing the survey price

Asbestos Surveys Kent, Sussex, Surrey

Breakdown of our reports:


  • Preface
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Marked up Floor Plans
  • Register of Samples and Risk Assessments
  • Graphical Summary of Risk Assessments
  • Laboratory Analysis Certificate


  • Background to Survey
  • Methods of Risk Assessment
  • Basis of Treatment Recommendations
  • Asbestos Related Regulations etc.
  • The Two Levels of Survey
  • Terms & Conditions

About Pass Consulting Asbestos Surveys:

At Pass Consulting, we have been dealing with asbestos issues overseas since 1977. Our dedicated team has also surveyed for asbestos in the UK since 2001, meaning they have more than thirty years combined experience.

Based in the Southeast, our customers and clients span the entire country. However, we largely focus on the area within one-hundred miles of Gatwick Airport. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a fast and reliable service that people can trust. That is why the company has gone from strength to strength, and we have become the first port of call for many individuals and businesses.

To learn more about the services we provide, you can take a look at some of the case studies published on this site.

Anyone who thinks they might encounter asbestos in a property should get in touch and arrange a professional survey. Failure to do that could mean you expose people and belongings to contamination that could encourage health issues.

Some of the most common health problems caused by asbestos include:

  • Mesothelioma (an aggressive form of lung cancer)
  • Asbestos (degradation of lung tissue)
  • Asbestos warts

and is also associated with

  • Kidney Cancer
  • Brain Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • and more

Business owners who fail to have professional asbestos done, regularly face substantial unbudgeted liabilities, penalties and costs in the future. That is especially the case if they are in the process of refurbishing their workplace premises. Testing during the early stages will let you know if there are hidden asbestos issues associated with your building. Discovering such problems mid-project could mean you go back to square one and have to spend large additional sums to put things right.

The great news for you is that we try to remain as flexible as possible in our approach. We understand that project managers and business owners often need to book their surveys at the last minute. In most instances, we’ll try to meet your requirements on timing – even if you need us to attend your premises the same day.

Most survey reports are submitted within a few days, but we can sometimes speed the process depending on your needs. Our easy to read and detailed reports will give you an accurate insight into the asbestos issues faced by your company. We can also provide advice on the best ways to deal with the situation.

Pass Consulting is an independent firm of surveyors that isn’t attached to asbestos removers. That means you can always trust our reports because we have no financial interest in pushing you towards those firms. We understand that most other asbestos surveyors in the UK work directly for removal businesses (which we see as a conflict of interest).

If you have any questions about how our service works or what we could do for you, just get in touch using the contact details on this website. Our dedicated customer service team is always around to put your mind at ease and alleviate any concerns. Asbestos is one of the most dangerous materials found in UK buildings today. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of professional asbestos testing!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your Asbestos Surveys Kent, Sussex, Surrey and beyond.


“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the service you provided? On site within an hour, efficient and highly knowledgeable in your craft.”Maria Vrahnaki
Senior Property Manager
Mishon McKay
“I have found Pass Consulting an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to commission them in the future if required.”
Kylee Brennan
iHEAR Borough Manager

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