Asbestos in Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Asbestos in Kent Surrey Sussex

Although you can come into contact with asbestos (correctly sealed up tight) a thousand times and remain healthy, it is still one of the primary substances of concern for both homeowners and contractors in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas. Indeed, many people all over the country face the same issues. The material can often be unsafe (particularly if it is releasing dust or fibres into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested) and is known to cause serious illness if you come into contact with it in an un-safe state (perhaps damaged or in poor repair). So, it’s good to know some specialists focus their efforts on finding where it is and removing the problem without breaking the bank.

Only a couple of months ago, restaurant chain McDonald’s found asbestos at a site earmarked for development. McDonalds correctly had the site in Tonbridge thoroughly surveyed as part of their planned development and some asbestos was duly discovered. It is not an uncommon occurrence, and in this case, as with most other cases of asbestos discovery, it did not stop the progress of the development, with McDonalds still planning to build the large drive-through in Tonbridge next year. The Environment Agency has informed the council that as long as the land was correctly decontaminated the development could take place.

In a more alarming incident, a man in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells was fined £1,500 for fly tipping asbestos. The court heard how he dumped 200Kg of the toxic materials in the front garden of a neighbouring property. The man who owned the house was at home at the time, and so he alerted police. The victim was awarded £120.

Considering all that, Pass Consulting are glad to say their services could help anyone who encounters asbestos issues or who’s involved in any way in the refurbishment or demolition of any building. Firstly, the team can help by carrying out an asbestos survey on their client’s property. The results of this survey then highlights whether or not the owner should have concerns about the level of asbestos in their building. Pass Consulting’s business is entirely independent or asbestos removers, and so you’re guaranteed to get an honest and accurate report.

There are a few different reasons people might want to employ Pass Consulting to assess their homes and places of business. Here are just some of them.

If you are householder who is about to refurbish their house you are legally required to check your property.
Commercial premises owners can pay higher rates for insurance if a survey is not undertaken.
Failure to assess a property could mean asbestos goes unnoticed. That could lead to severe health issues for people nearby.
Refurbishing without a survey can become expensive. Tradesmen may refuse to continue until it has been removed or add huge costs onto a previously agreed fixed price contract and the Health & Safety Executive can take you to Court.

Based in the South East, Pass Consulting covers a broad area in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. They also regularly include wider areas of the UK at their client’s requests. So far, the firm has worked on homes, offices and factories from Kent up to Glasgow and from Northumberland across to Northern Ireland. Regardless of your location, get in touch with us about your building’s asbestos issues today.

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