Asbestos in Folkestone Kent

Asbestos in Folkestone Kent

Asbestos has received a few mentions in the local press recently. A derelict building in Folkestone, Kent raised concerns because it contained asbestos, and led police to issue a statement of warning. Kent Police warned people not to trespass in the old Royal Victoria Hospital in Folkestone.

Asbestos can be found in many building materials used in buildings of a certain age, such as insulating board, pipe lagging, and even cement. Asbestos is not necessarily dangerous when the asbestos is safely encompassed within the material, however if the material is damaged or in a poor state of repair asbestos fibres can be released and these fibres can cause serious health problems if inhaled. For instance asbestos has been linked with the deadly strain of cancer mesothelioma.

Parts of the Royal Victoria Hospital are off limits due in part to the presence of asbestos, and there has been instances of trespassers breaking into the building. A group of children were discovered on the site and officers spoke with their parents. As a result of the incident the police increased their patrols in the area and issued the warning to local media.

A police spokesman from the Shepway Community Safety Unit said: “The site is extremely unsafe and there is an asbestos hazard which could have severe implications for people’s health” and asked that if anybody sees trespassers or suspicious activity near the site they should call Kent Police on 101.

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