Fly Tipping of Asbestos in Hampshire and Kent

Asbestos in Hampshire

The disposal of asbestos can be costly and some unscrupulous operators will dump the material illegally, usually choosing a remote spot where the they will not be observed. Fly Tipping of asbestos materials is a serious problem and a number of examples in our area have been reported recently.

In June 2016 residents of Fareham, Hampshire, awoke to the sight of four large builders refuse bags dumped on Pook Lane. Closer inspection revealed that the 7 tonnes of waste contained asbestos. A spokeswoman for the council said ‘In the interests of public safety, the council took the decision to close the road.’ A specialist contractor was commissioned by the council to manage the safe removal and disposal of the waste.

In another incident in June a large pile of scrap asbestos was dumped on a country lane in Kent. The pile of dumped material was so large it blocked the road to traffic, even before local authorities errected “road closed” signs.

The illegal fly tip caused understandable concern to local residents of Yaugher Lane, Hartlip, some of whom lived only 50 yards away.

Asbestos is not necessarily dangerous when left undamaged and in a good state of repair, but a pile of fragments in a public place like this, obviously presents a danger to health. To make matters worse some motorists ignored “road closed” signs and drove around and over the asbestos, creating dangerous dust.

Asbestos waste must be disposed of correctly and many local tips will accept asbestos. For example, in Hampshire, cement-bonded asbestos will be accepted at Andover, Basingstoke, Efford and Netley Household Waste Recycling Centres at a cost of £12 per sheet.

If you live or work in Hampshire, Kent or Sussex and encounter asbestos issues, why not give Pass Consulting a call. They have been dealing with asbestos for over 30 years.