Council Imposes New Charges for Asbestos Waste Disposal

Asbestos in Hampshire

Hampshire residents are heading for new charges when they dispose of waste products such as soil, rubble, plasterboard and asbestos at council-run facilities.

From 1st Oct 2017, Hampshire County Council recycling centres will charge local people for disposing of certain waste materials.

The new costs include having to pay £2.50 for each part or entire piece of building rubble from DIY and renovation projects. If soil and rubble are in a whole 30-litre bag, the same £2.50 fee will apply.

£10 will be charged for taking plasterboard sheets off your hands, and there will be a £6 fee per bag if it is small pieces in a 30-litre bag.

The fees for residents to dispose of asbestos in Hampshire will be even higher. Cement-bonded asbestos will incur charges of £12 per sheet. If a considerable amount is generated from renovating a garage, outhouse or older building, this could add up to a high cost for DIY asbestos disposal.

The new charges from the County Council are part of controversial plans to slash Hampshire’s £100 million bill for waste disposal.

The new cost-cutting measures include shutting some recycling centres in Hampshire, which gives householders even fewer options for dealing with potentially harmful asbestos waste.

Some council-run centres are operating under new opening times to further cut costs.

For householders, this could have serious repercussions when buying properties or using less than scrupulous contractors. There will be increased reluctance to dispose of harmful asbestos and new homeowners may find themselves having to tackle asbestos left behind by someone avoiding the new charges.

The new fees provide householders and companies with another reason to dispose of asbestos in Hampshire using expert help.

Dealing with asbestos waste then becomes the responsibility of the asbestos removal firm. This avoids the serious risks involved if householders do it themselves.

Instead of paying fees at Hampshire recycling centres, Pass Consulting Asbestos Surveys & Removal can handle the entire project, with no additional charge for disposal.