Asbestos Fly-tipping in Wales Hits Ten-year Peak

Asbestos Fly-tipping

The number of cases of illegal asbestos fly-tipping hit a 10-year high last year, recent figures have revealed. Records show that in the year 2016-17, there were 270 cases of asbestos fly-tipping in Wales, a massive increase on the 172 cases recorded the previous year.

A public hazard

Many people are resorting to dumping car boot loads of asbestos on footpaths or highways; not only is this illegal, it’s also a public health hazard and a danger to the environment. It also costs local councils tens of thousands of pounds (rising to hundreds of thousands in cities) to clean up and remove illegally dumped materials such as asbestos every year.

Safe asbestos disposal

Disposing of asbestos legally and safely isn’t difficult. While asbestos is classified as a human carcinogen, it is safe when handled and disposed of properly, by professional teams. Asbestos may only be disposed of in a landfill which has a specific permit authorising it to accept asbestos. While asbestos can and is safely removed from buildings privately every day, you may feel more comfortable hiring a professional asbestos removal company to remove and dispose of your asbestos.

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