Asbestos Survey costs

Our asbestos surveys are quoted for on a case by case basis ~ depending on :-

  • Is it a Management Level or Refurbishment / Demolition Level survey that’s required ?
  •  The address of the property ?
  • The age and condition of the property ?
  • The total floor area of the property (all of it for a management survey ~ or just the affected areas if it’s a refurbishment / demolition survey) ?
  • NB : this needs to allow for affected loft areas, basements, cellars and out-buildings etc.
  • What floor plans are available (if any) ?
  • How quickly does the report need to be issued ?
  • Has the building been surveyed at all for asbestos before ?

Decayed lagging will incur asbestos survey costs

Decayed asbestos pipe lagging in the loft above a community centre

We ask you to appreciate that the more you can tell us about the building, then the better will be the quote we can give you.

Asbestos survey costs