Why independent

We’re qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors who work independently from asbestos removers.

Most UK asbestos surveyors work directly for asbestos removers. We see this as a conflict of interest, because the asbestos surveyor should recommend the minimal asbestos removal (to be compliant with HSE Guidelines), ~ whilst the asbestos removal company would clearly prefer more asbestos to be removed, than less.

The treatment recommendations in all our reports, are ONLY what needs to be done to comply with the statutory Regulations ~ and their implementation, as set out in the relevant HSE Guidelines (principally HSG 264).

Messer intake cable identified during asbestos survey Eastbourne

Electrical intake cable covered in tarred asbestos wrapping

Case Study – Asbestos Survey Eastborne

Asbestos insulating board cladding in an office kitchen in Eastborne, East Sussex.

There was even asbestos dust on the work surface where the red bowl had rubbed against it !

Asbestos Survey Eastborne, East Sussex, Pembury reveals wall cladding

Asbestos insulating board cladding in an office kitchen

Pembury close up

A close up of the board.

Shortly after the survey, all of this asbestos, was removed by HSE licensed asbestos removers.

Asbestos survey Eastbourne – Pass Consulting UK